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What is Upcoming?

Our goal is keep the spirit high, broadcast as much games and shows for you and make it free to watch for EVERYONE!

World Ultimate Club Championships
JULY 23 - 30

We're there to record the 3 last points of exciting games, we'll interview players/coaches on the sideline and maybe we'll host live shows.

    Joint Junior (WORLD) Ultimate Championships
    6 - 13 August

    The European Ultimate Federation (EUF) and WFDF will be coming together to host both their bi-annual youth and junior Ultimate events together in one tournament. Made possible by our patrons

      8x Regionals
      Aug - sept

      Road to the EUCF, the European Ultimate Club Finals, the more Patrons we have the more events we can live stream for you!Members can vote on which events we'll go to by the way! We plan to do at least 3!

        Glastonbury Tor
        SEPT 9 - 11

        Will be there once again, filming and YouTube livestreaming the show pitch, the show game and capturing the spirit of Glastonbury.

          Swiss Mixed Nationals
          Sept 24 - 25

          After livestreaming Open and Women's nationals in June we're back to stream mixed too!

            European Ultimate Club Finals
            Sept 29 - Oct 2

            The pinacle of European Club Ultimate, the champions league of Ultimate! This year back in Caorle (close to Venice) Italy,

              Dutch Mixed Championships!
              October 9th

              Dare we say it the most competitive mixed competition in Europe, not just because of GRUT (multiple time European champion) but because of its strong community.

                EBUCC + WGMBUCC
                October 14 - 23

                These BULA events are the European and World Beach Club championships in different divisions. Happening in Portimão, Portugal and on YouTube for you to see.

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